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A beginning with history

Offering qualified solutions in Argentina and Latin America

Diez – Infomedia

A beginning with history


Diez – Infomedia Consulting emerges as an alliance with a particular history of its own. After more than ten years of complementing our services to provide Clients with the best advice and solutions, Diez Consultores and Infomedia Consulting officially merged in 2012 to further integrate its unique offer of political and media analysis, information management strategies and solutions in a changing context where the future is not what we imagine it to be. Latin America is changing and so is the world. We are the same enthusiastic team, helping you think differently.

Diez – Infomedia Consulting synthesizes the conviction that there's not 'one size fits all' solution, that's why we offer experienced working teams and analyze case by case to deliver solutions according to our clients needs. We know in depth the national arena but promote and practice regional and international integration too.