4 Quadrants service

Our work

Asuntos públicos y Lobby

Public Affairs and Lobbying

● Influence on regulatory frameworks
● Generation of favorable scenarios in public or segmented opinion
● Crisis Management
● Procedures for crisis prevention

Comunicación institucional

Corporate Communication

● Corporate Identity
• Planning and management of communication
● Execution, supervision and monitoring of communication plans
● Counseling and coaching on management and business strategy
● Media relations strategies and operations
● Emerging “Sustainability” trends

Marketing PR

Marketing PR

● Reputation Management for organizations, brands and products
• Interaction of organizations, brands and products with media and journalism
● Management of rational and emotional “discriminators”
● Counseling and coaching on management and business strategy
● Strengthening of relation and mutual understanding with sundry segments, opinion leaders and other groups

Social media

Social media

● On-line Reputation
● Community management
● Brand’s social media monitoring and analysis
● Websites, blogs and other tools of new media
● Marketing and e-distribution
● Online internal communication